I'm starting up a new band from scratch and finally got things rolling a bit. Recording a demo in a few weeks and gonna start playing gigs after that. My singer/guitarist and I pretty much have creative control and I'll be doing the booking.

We've got the talent and drive but sometimes we don't have the time. Now all the members of my band are very busy in their daily lives (work, commute, children) like most of us are. But they also have other projects (singer has a solo set, drummer is in a samda group) so I don't really feel bad about possibly being a member of two bands at once. I'm unemployed (almost got a job now though..) And don't have any kids or really anything else major going on right now so I'm pretty much the driving force.

But now I hear a local band I'm a big fan of is looking for a bass player. Of course I'm not in the band yet but I've never failed an audition in my life so I'm pretty confident about it. They've got their **** together and are doing a small tour of the east coast this summer.

I've filled in with other bands before but nothing quite permanent. I'm looking for advice on how anyone who's done this before has handled responsibilities with two seperate groups of people and not end up being spread too thin. Thanks.
If that other band is going to tour etc you have to check if you have time to play with the other band too.
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if the tour won't hurt you other band, then go for it. if not you have to decide which band is better. if the one your in now isn't to serious then join the other one
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