Hi guys,
at the moment I've got a Hamer SATP90 and my amp is the Micro Cube. I don't know a lot about all the effects etc. for a electric guitar so I'm asking you what gear I should buy in addition? In the next days I go to my prefered music store and I'm going to buy a capo and three packs of strings.
A Tube Amp! is the obvious answer..

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well seeing you already have the microcube, you don't need more effects. it has plenty built in, and if you try to use effectts with a modeling amp the results are bad sound. your best bet with your current rig is to save up. an amp is a better choice, as it affects your tone much more, but i find a great guitar really inspires. but thats your call really. definitely save up for mid level equipment.
an eq pedal will do you good.
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That may sound stupid but what exactly is an eq pedal? Is an eq pedal an equalizer pedal? If so can you advise me one that isn't so expensive?

PS: At the moment I'm only a really poor pupil but in August or September I'm getting a job in a bookstore so I'm able to earn some money so I might buy some new equipment.
dano fish and chips ($30) or an mxr 6 band ($70) are two of the cheaper ones that are worth looking at. the only reason i suggested eq pedal is because the micro cube lacks in that department, only have the one knob for tone.
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
^Yes it is, you should look at the MXR 10 band eq < to TS
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