Hey guys! I'm a little confused, asking for a opinion. What you think: A blackstar ht-5 combo for 360€ or a used Harley Benton GA15 used for 90€? Of course, if i buy the HB, i would buy a OD pedal too. The Blackstar worth the 210€ more? What you think? I play pink floyd, red hot, and music styles like indie, rock alternative, and like to play some metal too.
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what's your budget? There maybe some other amps you are able to get in that price range you might like better.
I know that the Harley Benton GA5 is basically a Valve Junior, so by that logic I'd assume the GA15 is similar to a Valve Standard. If this is the case, I can tell you that it is very, very dark sounding, and it's pretty much a clean amp. If you want drive you'll have to crank it, but it sounds really nice when you do. I don't think it's gonna be right for what you want to play. The HT-5 can cover what you want and I think it'll be worth the extra money.

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