hey man awesome song keep it up!
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the drums were really boring, and i think either the rhythm was mixed too high, or the lead was too low. but there's lots of good ideas in there. keep it up! you can definately hear the satch in it

edit: the intro was really cool too, although the ending wouldof been better if there was a better transition between the clean part and the other one
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Thanks for commenting everybody! It´s much appreciated And to Wylde: it states in my description of the song that it´s a really boring drummachine and that I just havn´t had time to adjust it... so again to everyone: Ignore the boring drums! But thanks for the feedback on mixing and stuff... keep it coming
Man I was diggin all your originals. Youve got something in you! I need to learn one of your licks! Your pretty damn good!
liked all of your other songs so far. this one doesnt dissapoint!
nice intro, seemed very familiar, but well done.
i see what you mean about the drums, horrible! but they keep time so that itself is good.
great riffing all the way through, few if any missteps there. very well played solos.
the 3:00 minute mark riff with the descending lick is brilliant, very stand out part of the track.
its too bad the drums kill what would be otherwise a flawless song.

check my new one out?(it has been a while)
thanks again
Love the intro, beautiful.

Simple drum beat, nothing special but like said before it keeps the beat, great guitar riffs after the intro. I like the tone of your guitar a lot, sounds pretty clean to me.

Overall I liked it a lot, it is very Joesat inspired, but hell, nothing wrong with that!

Nice job!

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Brilliant stuff. Well played man!
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Great stuff! I love the intro, and the rest too. Really clean sounding, great tone! If you programmed some drums specifically for this instead of just that drum beat it would be even better! Really liking the riffs, well done! Very well put together, it's great the way theres so much variation in this.

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Interesting listening! A few things though:
-The transition from the intro to the main part didn't flow seamlessly
-The rhythm track stands out too much and conflicts with the sound of the lead track

I really like the harmonized leads at the end though. More of that would be awesome, and more melodic lead playing in general.

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Particularly the first song "Silence and Beyond" which I just recorded. I am also inspired alot by satch's stuff so maybe you can tell me how I'm doing at this style of music.
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Woooww, awesome, nothing more to say xD
Like the other guys say though, the rythm is to loud for the lead, but its amazing.
I tried making instrumentals multiple times but never really got something good, you got it though, keep it up.
I really enjoyed the song, the intro especially was very nice and the rhythm guitars a little after the 3 minute mark are really cool. Nice lead work.

Only thing I didn't really care for was the transition from the intro into the distorted guitar. It just seems off somehow, maybe if there was a volume swell under the clean guitar and everything kicked in right away instead of having the pause....just a thought.

Good stuff.

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