My friend took off my bass neck and now my strings are super high above the fretboard

I posted here about this before but i'm going to try again.. I lent my friend my bass for a show and he was trying to fix the action and unscrewed the neck from the body.. retard.

now my action is relatively high compared to what it use to be ( it wasnt the lowest of action).. could my truss rod be broken? I haven't messed with it yet but i'm a guitar player and know that it could be a bridge adjustment.. but since the neck was removed i dont know.

it's just a stupid MB-4 squier bass i had bought for home recording.
Any insight?
Well, is the neck pulling forward, cause then a neck adjustment is needed, but otherwise, just lower the saddles.
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there is a hole in your neck "backplate". screw around with that a bit, it shoud get better... check around, there are threads where people explain how to deal with that stuff.. google and youtube are also your friends.
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Well all I can say is take it to a shop and get it looked at, preferebly not a GC (unless you know they have good peeps at yours). Sounds to me like your "friend" owes you a few hundred dollarydoos