so my friends and i are gona pull this prank. Here is how we will do it.

On dude will be inside a church recording the entrance door.

While the dude is preaching another friend is gona record me entering the church while the dude prieches and im gona yell, SATAN! then run out, get in a car and leave. is there any law that might get us in trouble for this?

i live in mexico BTW

No im not satanic but neither catholic, were not doing this to be rebels, just to have fun.
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i dont see the humour in your fail
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Sounds immature and somewhat lame. And I'm sure they can get you for trespassing.

I doubt you'll get any lols from this.
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Well the guys who beat the shit out of you for being a stupid disrespectful arsehole might get a minor slap on the wrists from the courts, depends how many of your teeth they knock out.
Not worth it if any1 recognises u inside the church
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Epic win for benjo48
where does the prank come in?
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Also, with all the shootings in churches recently, do you really think they're just gonna assume you were pulling a prank? People will freak. I'm gonna repeat this; Don't do it.