hey guys, im writing a song, and im stuck for where to take the chords for a bridge, and also not sure if the sections i have for verse and chorus link together.

Capo on 2nd:
Verse - E, G#m, F#m, B
Bridge - Unsure
Chorus - D, G, C

also, am i right in thinking that the solo iver verse chords would use an E scale?
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You could use E maj scale over the verse. As for the bridge I guess it would probably need a chord to lead it into the D at the beginning of the chorus. Of course there are numerous possibilities but maybe try an A chord, or maybe a A7 chord.
cheers - i'll post it in the S&L thread when it's done lyric-wise, and a little recording once it's all set
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You should use the bridge to change keys from E to G... something like Am - D - G.....