Hi guys,
I just bought a barebone flying V and need various parts like a tail piece, bridge, and tuners. I looked on zzsounds and tuners are like 50 bucks same with the bridge and tail piece. Anyone know a good site for cheap parts?

Thanks in advance
thats a good deal man - 50 for tuners is very reasonable

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if I buy an epiphone SG used for a 100 bucks and take that apart, would all the tuners, tailpiece, bridge, be compatible with the epiphone flying v body?
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thats a good deal man - 50 for tuners is very reasonable

not really- $25 for a set of Gotoh SG's are (extremely) good. Hooray for Warmoth.
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they should. is your flying V a gibson or epi?

and you can always check the measurements to be absolutely sure.

It's an epi