How often do you use the frets above, say the 15th fret?

I only use them to play the 17th position Am Pentatonic, and not much else. My rig sounds a bit crap higher up, and I don't much like the sound of those higher frets. I play mostly blues-rock, which might explain it.

What about you guys?
I use the lower frets more than higher frets, but that's just a preference I've developed over many years of playing. You need to learn how to play up high before you decide you don't like to, though, in order to make an informed judgement of your preference.
I use them all the time (not literally, obviously). Mine usually sounds okay up there, but could be better.
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Not that much to be honest unless I'm playing post-rock. Stuff like explosions in the sky almost lives down at that end of the neck! However I've just restrung my guitar and tried to set the intonation. hmmm, my 6th string is now a semitone out so I won't be playing past there until someone who knows what they are doing can fix it!
I use them when they need to be used. If the key is in E, want to do a solo that goes up and up till it finishes.
I've ALMOST got it to where I want it sound, which is a smooth, warm tone (my definition probably differs from yours, so think like, BTBAM or Cynic), so I play up there pretty often. Not for shred, but just because I love the way it sounds up there with certain settings.

EDIT: Also, what Malchius said. I don't use them just cause I can.
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someone else said it, i use them when they need to be used. in all honesty if i had more strings and more frets i'd use all of it but i work with what i have. i'd say though the time spent below and above the 12th fret is about 50/50
So far i just experiment with sweeps, or if i'm messing around with the opening riff to sweet child o' mine. But what do i know? i'm just starting, i got my epiphone les paul 2 weeks ago and before that i played a cheap acoustic with 15 frets
i usually dont go much higher than the 17th fret. it just feels uncomfortable to me. i do make use of pretty much every fret but i use the lower ones more. to me i think it sounds to "obvious" or something to solo up on the high notes mostly. so ill go up there sometimes to create a certain mood. sometimes when im soloing and im building up and building up, i need those high notes to tie it together nicely.
I was going to say, "all the time", but when I think about it - I suppose I don't go up above the 18-20th fret that often, but I spend a lot of time above the 15th.