not much into the genre , dont know too much about it, some buddies of mine are starting a deathcore band and they want me to play.. heres some riffs ive been toyin with, kinda sloppy, dont know much lead **** either... only been playin bout 2 years :/

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hmm? they've got deathcore now too?

edit: anyways your cam ****ed you over, I guess you can get away with those riffs. Not really interesting but then again, so is the genre itself.
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See the riff you used at the beginning? Incorporate something like that with the sort of solo-y riff you used after it. So then you have sort of heavy rythems and ear catching riffs to drag in peoples attention.. You will learn more when your with your friends im sure. Just jam with them at practices, throw some things about get high whatever.

Good luck
Nice playing, you seem to have a pretty good grip on the style to me.