Typically, what humbucker pickup from GFS would you put in the neck position on an Epiphone LP standard to replace the old pickup. I'm already pretty sure i want the power rail in the neck for heavy dist. riffing and shredding. But if I want a smoother distortion in the neck, or more sparkly cleans, which pickups would be good to look at? Oh and I play through a Bugera 333-212.
Hm i see. Which of the pickups are considered medium? I see alot of them that appear to be high output. What about the Dream 90s?
Usually an overwound PAF style pickups are generally considered medium output (think ~8-10k neck ~10k-15k- bridge)

But imo the GFS crunchy PAFs and fat PAFs I've tried aren't spectacular.
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I put a Dream 180 in the neck position in my Epiphone Les Paul and liked it so much that I put one in my Sg-400. The pickup has a lot of soul and produces a great blues tone. I think it sounds like a really thick clapton woman tone.