Hi, I've been playing a fender jaguar for a long time now and have had problems from time to time. However I have started playing heavier music and although a Jag isn't the first guitar you'd think of to play metal, that is what I have so I'll make do.

Anyway, in my band we play in drop C. I recently changed the strings and decided to check the intonation. I managed to get all the strings either to play the correct note on the 12th fret, or very slightly sharp...apart from the 6th string which is near enough 1 semitone sharper than it should be. With the standard jag bridge I can't move the bridge for the 6th string back any further and putting it forward doesn't help. Does the action have any bearing on this and would the neck (being set for standard tuning I'd guess) being adjusted help me sort the intonation?

I think that I will look into buying a mustang bridge at some point as I have looked into it and lots of people recommend this. Has anyone here done that? What do you think?

Finally, I may look into changing the pickups, but I haven't really got a clue what I'm looking for. Is there a particular type that would fit a jag and maybe help it me just a little bit more metal?

As you can tell, I have next to no knowledge about this sort of thing so any suggestions would be helpful (so long as they're on topic!!)