on my profile i have a death metal instrumental (not frantic disembowelment by cannibal corpse) and i like it but i want to know who the band is and what the song is called.

the quality is ****ty cause i recorded it from some dudes myspace 1 year ago that had it under "deicide" but i know it isnt them cause i have every album and it isnt on any of them.
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I want to know, too, that was badass. Someone answer the man's question.

+1 That was really cool.
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Frantic Disembowelment is not instrumental...wtf?

i know it isnt an instrumental but they have a video of them playing the song without corpsegrinder and everyone thinks it is an instrumental. plus i didnt want dumass UGers to just say that.
^ I think a "dumbass UGer" would suggest I cum blood before frantic disembowelment.

Just sayin'...
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Judging by quality it sounds like it was made by an unsigned band maybe. Also there's a possibility it could be thrash. It has some influence. It'd be great if you find out the info though.