Got a Line 6 Pod XT Live fairly recently and did a cover of this song to test the quality of the recording and so the i have purposely set the guitar volume quite high in the cover.

I would like to get some opinions on the tone and recording quality of it but not so much the playing itself :P.

Check the song out in my profile. The song is by Killswitch engage for those (fools XD) who dont know.

BTW the guitar is used is my crappy old one with stock unbranded humbucker, its like a fat strat style guitar made by indie. I was considering changing out the pickups, any thoughts on this?

Good job man, the only thing I would say is perhaps it needs a little more gain, although that could just be the humbuckers. If you were to change them EMG are the way to go

Would you mind critting my sylosis cover? Link to the thread in my sig
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