It's mainly a test to see how well my microphone records acoustic guitar, but you can rate the cover if you like. Yes, I know, I messed up a little, but I only did two re-takes, and I haven't played it in a while.

It's in my profile.
Tune up before you record please. It wasn't bad but I didn't like your tone at all, sorry.
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I didnt have anything planned out, and I didn't know **** about improvising, so it was like "OH SHI- SOLO TIME" so I kerry-kinged it.
My tuner said that both guitars were in tune...

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but I didn't like your tone at all, sorry.

It's a Spider III...

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and very dry.

How would I fix that?

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Thanks for the helpful criticism.
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tune with your ear to your other guitars and try to let the notes ring longer they almost seem staccato and if your bored check out my harvester of sorrow cover in my profile