Ok i know this has been argued ALOT in the past.
And i have already posted another thread in a different forum, same thing though
And the bottom line is it comes down to muscians personal preference.
I can play, and i know alot of theory.
But i dont know alot of technicals about guitars.
So can someone please fill me in on the technical pros and cons of
This isnt a random post.
I am actually planning to buy, and i am leaning more towards SG.
But just thought i would suss it out first.
Well there's quite a few differences. Most of them are not a clear pro/con though. I'll try and give as much info as I can without getting too technical.
  • The Les Paul has a thicker body/The SG has a thinner body. This means the Les Paul sustains notes longer, has a naturally deeper tone and is heavier. The SG also often has weight balance issues because of it's thin body, so often the neck will weigh more than the SG's body and it dives to the floor if you don't keep a firm grip on it, though this probably can be solved to a certain extent by getting a thick strap and moving the front strap button from behind the neck to the top horn. The counter to this is some people find the Les Paul is just too heavy to use often.
  • The Les Paul has one cutout, the SG has two. This means if your hands aren't very big then it will be easier to play on the higher frets with the SG, though it does also mean the guitar is structurally not as strong; it's easier to break an SG neck clean off the body if you dropped it than it is with a Les Paul.
  • Because of how the neck on an SG is attached to the body, the neck pickup is moved further back (to roughly the same place it would be on a 24 fret guitar). This changes the tone of the neck pickup, making it less dynamically responsive and brighter-sounding. Most people do consider this quite a large con of the SG, obviously especially if you use the neck pickup a lot.
  • SGs tend to be cheaper. They use less wood so basic production cost is lower, so their final price is lower. Simple as that.
  • On a Les Paul the pickup selector switch is located close to where the neck joins the body, high up. On an SG, it is placed near the other controls. Some people find they greatly prefer one style over the other, though there's no clear reason why either is better than the other.
  • On a Les Paul the input jack is on the bottom edge of the guitar, on an SG it's on the front of the guitar near other controls. Like with the pickup selector there's no real reason why either should be better, though most people do seem to prefer the Les Paul style of having the input jack well out of the way on the bottom of the guitar.

Of course really you should just get down to a store and try both out and simply see which you find you prefer as you play them.
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