So I searched and came up with nothing. So I took the liberty of starting a thread for this totally awesome band (hopefully in the right forum) If there already is one I didn't find, feel free to close this. But in the mean time, feel free to discuss this epic band
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they're an embarrassment.
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I'm sure they have a thread. That's not to say they deserve one.
They're not bad, a fun band.. as far as indie-POP goes they're pretty decent, not many people can pull it off..
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Have zero respect for this band after seeing them perform in an episode of Neighbours haha
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Paul McCartney has expressed interest in producing there next album...I love them!!! and I love the lead singer/guitarists florarl blue Telecaster!! but i can understand why some ppl find them tacky...jus not me
Yeah, the Wombats are pretty crap indie pop. Indie pop is all melting together these days, no one is doing anything cool as far as I have heard.
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i can understand why some ppl find them tacky...jus not me
I just have a strong gag reflex.
The music's not bad but the singers voice just grates me.

The Enemy are terrible but i prefer them to the wombats.
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