I got my last one closed when I posted it in the pit, I hope this is the right spot, if a mod closes it, could you tell me where to post it in a pm or something?

Anyways, I've been screaming for a while, and I've got a huge problem, every time I scream, 90% of my scream sounds great, and I love it (in the style of Matt Heafy, the fry method I believe), but I have a huge problem, when I scream, I can hear this harmony, like 2 parts of my voice are screaming, one sounds awesome, but the other one sounds higher pitched (an octave above maybe? it sounds like a m 6th though because it sounds out of place). I want to get rid of it completely, because it seams like it's very noticeable, how do I do this?
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get an exorcism.

actually, i have no idea. that's pretty weird. i guess try screaming, and when the "other voice" kicks in, see if there is anything different
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