Hey, I'm a freshman now in my second semester, and I'm going to another school in after this. Has anyone ever done this? I already got in, but it seems like it's gonna be stressful and I'll have to go through this whole process again.
what process? I dont really see the stressful part of college even keeps talking about. Best of luck though =D
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I'm transferring next semester.

I just don't feel like writing the essay for the application.
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Quote by IlikeTheSKA
I'm transferring next semester.

I just don't feel like writing the essay for the application.

I know, I thought I would be done with applications after I got into college.
I'm in my second semester. I'll be going somewhere else in the fall. I sent in my application last week. You'll fill out applications for scholarships, jobs, loans...You will never be done with applications. EVER
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I transfered from a community college in texas to Boston University this last summer.

It can be pretty stressful, especially if the atmosphere and environment is completely 100% different than where you are coming from. The biggest difference I've noted is that the schoolwork here is abit more challenging but there was also far more busy work my first semester. Aside from that, its not too bad and within a month or two you will be fully used to it and back in your rhthym.
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