Hello all!
I have a Jaguar project going and I went with two jb jr's for it and wanted to be able to coil tap both of them, for those of you who know the Jag electronic layout the bass cut switch (located on the lower bout, the switch closest to the bridge) is the switch I would like to make my coil tap as I never use the bass cut. So by the flick of a switch I go to a single coil guitar.

The switch is a on/on six pole, I know it can be done, I'm just clueless as to how.

Any help? Thanks so much!



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I can't help since I've never worked with Jaguars, but there are enough wiring diagrams about the place, if you look on most pickup maker's websites they should have something that will show you how to do it.

The key is you've got your terminology wrong. Coil tapping is something you do to singlecoil pickups to lower output, coil splitting is what you do to humbuckers and other double-coil pickups to make them sound more like a singlecoil pickup. If you try searching for coil splitting on a Jaguar instead, you may have better luck.
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Hey thanks so much!!! Learn something new everyday, sadly I should have known that