Hey i have and Ibanez RGR420EX model with an edge III trem, and i was looking at the floyd rose bridges and i am wondering if this will be an easy replacement or if i will have to do something to my guitar... anything will help!
Best f-ing RG eva!!! RGR420EX!!!!
OFR? Should be a straight replacement I think.
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It should pretty much be a straight replacement, I think so.

Btw, I have the same guitar...just...thought you might like to know.
I'm still new.
i was researching it, and you might have to trim that back of ur guitar where the bottom of the bridge is. cuz if yuo dont it might hit the back peice and then it wont go back as far as you want it.
will i be able to just replace the bridge or do i have to change any other hardware?
Best f-ing RG eva!!! RGR420EX!!!!
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