This may sound odd asking people here but ive got a question to english people (or just to people that may know the answer)

I have a friend of a friend that just sat her GCSES, and did poor in some of her exams. Apparently, ive been told that it is possible to resit her exams for a neat sum of £30.

Is that actually possible? Just appears to be a bit unfair.

I live in Scotland and when u get ur exam results, thats it. Resit the year or just stick to that grade.

I googled it and there are lots of answers that are not really relevant.

Any help here would be great thanks!
Yes, you can. Been a long while since I was at school but I think this is how it works.

The fee is there because when you re-sit it, it ****s up the system they use to mark and grade everything. The £30 is basically payment to someone who has to go out of their way to mark an extra paper.

Depending on what time of year you do it though, there is no charge, as it can go to be marked with all the others.

I don't see what's so unfair really. We all have bad days, just messing up an exam paper isn't worth redoing a whole year.
Yea you can resit GCSE's. Loads of my mates did coz they flunked maths. You just have to pay the fee. Same with AS and A levels.
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Ah. I see.

Its been a while since Ive been at school (well... like 3 years) but it just appears that people can just resit the exam again until they get a reasonable mark.

From what I remember from the Scottish system, is that when you get a bad grade, you have to resit the whole year to sit the exam the following year. (hopefully someone can correct me here)

But yea your right, everyone does have bad days.