Nevermind the sloppy playing (just learned to song like an hour ago). The rhythm guitar also needs some work. It's the same settings as the solo but without the Tube Screamer and Delay. It's all on the GT-10 going straight to the computer with USB. It sounds a lot better through actual speakers or an amp, but I'm working on getting a good recording sound. Is there anything I should change (more treble, more bass, stuff like that) BTW, the guitar is an Ibanez RG2550Z. Any advice to get a better rhythm sound for recording is welcome.


I just found out that myspace messed up the recording. I had it set up in stereo with a different amp on the left and right but it made it mono and muddied it up. It also downgraded the quality and made it sound a lot less organic. I promise that it sounds a lot better than that.
The solo sounds nice. But the rhythm guitar is very boomy and muddy. From a purely musical point of view, I liked it. Would like to hear it as part of a complete track.
It's Mordecai, a Between the Buried and Me song
I'm working on the rhythm guitar now, I think I found some of the problems
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The lead is very nice, what settings did you have the rhythmon?
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not my style of music, but i liked the melody.
anyways, what the last guy said. the sound is pretty muddy.
what did you use to record it/export it? there could be some settings which contributed to the sound quality as well as the myspace upload.

try uploading it onto here. that might make a difference if you say myspace screwed up the quality.
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love that song. the chords were pretty muddy though, solo was decent recording, pretty good tone though.
exact same as the lead, just without the TS and delay. The chain is compressor - EQ - Preamps (Marshall Scoop - G9 B9 M7 T6 and Modern Rectifier - G9 B9 M5 T8, both on middle gain switch) - Tone Modifier (Resonator). The resonator makes it sound a lot more tube-like in live situations but I think it's too much for rhythm recordings.