I've searched around and haven't found exactly what i'm looking for. I'm looking to begin shredding/fast picking and stuff and need some exercises/help building speed. I can already sweep in various patterns (from 3 to 5 strings) pretty well so no sweep exercises at the moment.

maybe try some 6 string sweeps slowly, then speed up?
if you want speed, just play things slow and slowly get up to tempo.
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I've been using that for a few days now and already have seen improvement. Start off slow and perfect it, then speed it up and perfect it and once you've perfected it, still do it a bunch of times to really nail it in.

thanks, ill look into this.

more suggestions welcome as well
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Exercise link in my sig.

Yeah, i've read most of those. Seems to be too much to take in at once/hard to search for the good parts of it though since there is so much (to me). Out of all of them, which do you recommend the most (which parts)?
Get Speed mechanics for lead guitar
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Yeah, i've read most of those. Seems to be too much to take in at once/hard to search for the good parts of it though since there is so much (to me). Out of all of them, which do you recommend the most (which parts)?

I thought it like that at first but just spend a few hours listening to some of the exercises and choose which ones you are most interested in. I chose about four pages of picking exercises for the time being. But make sure you have some spider licks, they are great on synchronizing the hands.
I also took some of the awesome legato licks/exercises from Richie Kotzen's Rock Chops REH video and just picked them all and they work pretty well.
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Dr Clock is right. The Troy Stetina book is good, also speedpicking.com
I've been practicing this for months now, with the use of 3 exercises

Firstly, Here is me playing it months ago...


Starting with a down stroke the 10th fret on D should be an upstroke


Secondly, make sure the 12th fret on E is an upstroke


Thirdly a lick from curse of castle dragon which come in at 0.25 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8zE-hEkILs


Make sure the 7th fret on A is an upstroke and the 8-9-8 is a hammer on from 8th to 9th and then pulled off to 8 again

After that buy Paul Gilbert's Intense rock

General tips

1.It only requires a scratch of the pick, just use the tip of the pick and no more

2.Be very light handed with it

3.It's all in the wrist, very small up/down motions, nothing dramatic. Don't use your whole arm...

4.Make sure its all synchronized, be sure your fretting hand is actually keeping up with your picking hand, as Gilbert says, Don't press the gas if you can't steer

5.The way you hold the pick is VERY important, it should be held at a 45 degree angle, check this link from 1.45 onwards


Also check this one from 4.40

You might be able to tell, Gilbert is a huge idol of mine and has had such an influence on my guitar playing

Edit- That is a post of Epic proportion if i don't say so myself!!
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