my best friend and i started this band idea a while ago. we both play guitar and practice together all the time. and finally recently we got all the members we need a singer, bassist, drummer, and keyboardist. we wanted a keyboardist to give us that little something extra.

well anyway my friends really arrogant about playing so i let him be lead. he has horrible rhythm and timing and lashes at me for screwing up songs when im just trying to follow him. basically i get shafted with everything we play.

the keyboardist wants to follow in her brothers footsteps of a pop punk band which i have no interest in at all. she likes that boring mindless music because it brings in a lot of people but i'd rather play something i like. music over popularity right?

the singer and i have a lot of the same taste in music and have been doing some acoustic stuff and we really sound good without the rest of the band. the bassist and the drummer are twin brothers so theyre like a package deal and they said they'd stay with us.

so should i ditch my best friend cause i can't stand playing with him and get rid of the whiny prick keyboardist? or should i just ride this out?

by the way we wanna be an alternative band kinda leaning toward an original indie sound. the singer and i have been covering some dave matthews and chili peppers songs and plan on writing our own soon after we figure all this out.

milk was a bad choice
i'd ditch your friend. it seems like a jerk move, but if you're sure that playing together will just make you resent him, then end it now. as for the keyboardist, don't even worry about her. she obviously has different goals, and wouldn't have stuck around for long anyways.

you may have to learn the hard life lesson that if you start a band with your best friend, and it doesn't work out, you might lose that friend, at least for a little while. but if you and the singer work well together, and you have a bassist and drummer willing to ditch the band with you and form a new one... go for it.

it's always nice to think of starting your first band with your best pals and conquering the world. but it rarely works out that way. it's hard as piss to find ideal people to work with, so if you get the chance, jump on it.
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I would keep the keyboardist, but ditch your arrogant friend. It doesn't matter what music she likes, she's a keyboardist nonetheless. Also, who needs a cocky lead guitarist in an indie band?
Yeah, ditch your buddy and the chick on the keys. The problems gunna be how do you kick your bud out without him getting mad.
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