Saw one, not sure the model number but looked like a p-bass, at a music store for $160. Was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them and worth it. Would be nice to have a decent back up, and maybe mess around w/ and mod. im cheap though so even if its just something to mess around on i dont want something i'll turn into kindling
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I played one in a pawn shop once. The one I played sounded like crap, although it might have been the amp, or the fact that it was obviously beat to hell. But if you find one, play it, and like it, then by all means go for it.
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Ive got an Aria Pro II SB Elite 1, and i love it. this one is not a buget copy like most Arias though, and the main reason i got it was due to Cliff burton using the active version of the bass i have.

In my experience they are good if you dont get a cheap copy haha.