today i was walking down the street and found a 15 watt peavey blazer 158. it was in the trash with about a half inch of water at the bottom. i took it home took it apart and after about 15 mins with a hair dryer i had it back together and it plays perfect

anyone else fond a treasure in the trash???
Nice man. My girlfriend's mom tends to 'find' things on the side of the road or in dumpsters 'n' stuff. She's given me a Peavey Envoy 110, a Peavey Companion 15, and an old Memphis strat copy with the input jack ripped out and five broken strings. Nothing all that great but it's fun to have projects to work on
i found a barbers chair with the old lady hair drying curler thing on that back once, we drove really really fast and trough it out the back of my friends van lmao, i love garbage picking i also found some table hockey game but all the heads of the players were broken off, ****ing creepy...but i got drunk and played it all night
i found a prom night dumpster baby,he almost made me cry inside and ouside
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