So I was playing my new Bugera 333xl (its about 4 weeks old now) and I heard an explosion sound yesterday, so I turned it off. Today, I turn it on and it sounds like the same, I read on the forum, ppl's volume went down on some channels or w/e? Well I see all 4 tubes light up when I am playing and theres no volume change... so should I be worried?
yes............ take it to an amp tech and let him check your Bugera.........
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Possibly spring reverb?
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Possibly spring reverb?

But I still hear the clicks and stuff after I turn off the amp (been doing that since I bought it) Isn't that the spring reverb?
Did it make the explosion sound all by itself or was it bumped at the time it happened?
Sounds like its cooking the tubes, check to see if they're unusually bright or the plates in the tubes are orange. Take it to a tech.
They don't seem too too bright but they do seem brigher than before (i do see bright orange)
If your plates are glowing orange then that tube is on its way out. Maybe what you heard was an arc.
in the big power tubes, you'll see big grey metal box-shape structures (the plates). there is supposed to be an orange glow from inside. If the plate itself is glowing orange or red, TURN IT OFF. That explosion you heard was your bias frying, and now the tubes are frying. That glow is them gasping for breath before melting down (which is cool in it's own right, but takes the output transformer with it)
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