I'm trying to learn how to read/play sheet music. Are there any easy sheet music I can start off on ? It could be any genre.
Get a method book. Personally I got a "beginners classical guitar" book, which has single line songs, but then goes on and farther in the book gets harder. Even if you don't necessarily like classical, and don't play with the 100% right classical playing position (lord knows my technique is far from perfect classically) the lessons in there will help you through some struggles, and as long as you get a thick-ish one with recital pieces in it, your material will last you for a while until you master it.

Plus, getting it all in one place will make it easy to just spend 15 bucks on a book and not 200 on random songs. Plus, other "non-classical" books tend to have tablature hidden below the staff, which is hard to learn to read music on because it is so damn easy to accidentally look below the staff...but I certainly never did that *shifts eyes*