Hey dudes and ladies, i really need some help choosing a new guitar. I've been playing a Epiphone SG for about three years and i need to upgrade.

I play mostly Old School Hard Rock (Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Priest) and Newer Metal (Dream Theater, Opeth, Arch Enemy)

Basically i'm looking for these features...

Seymour Duncan Pick Ups (Definately not EMG's)
Stop Tail Bridge (Not Locking Floyd Rose)
Fast Neck (But not Wizard thin)
Easy Access to High Frets (22 or 24 frets is fine)
Lightish Body (Still with Good Sustain though)
My Budget is around $1000

Gibson SG! i dunno about price though. $1000 isn't much more than what a new epiphone sg is worth is it?
I got an Epiphone tom delonge signature and i had it for a while sold it cuz i needed to pay for some stuff....but its a great guitar light as hell....just dont think it will fit your style....but you should check it out because i really liked mine
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A Gibby SG would fit perfectly, or almost anything from Gibson, other than LPs and ES guitars. Maybe a V or an Explorer would work too.
Schecter C-1 Classic. That fits most of your specs except the weight thing. probably to heavy.
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Gibson sg special faded? leaves you a little bit of money left over to swap out pickups as well. I love this guitar, have had it for 3 years now.
i say get a V cuz their bad ass
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Ive also been playing an Epiphone SG for 3 years, and have pretty much those standards.
I just ordered a Synyster Custom (call me a poser if you like, i dont care),
but I think most Schecter guitars would be perfect.
ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000

All the other models have EMG's, but the Amber Sunburst have JB's and 59's. I tried one out, the pickups sound great. The neck is mahogany, but it plays very nice. It can play a wide range of styles, from the Blues to Heavy Metal. I recommend.

Schecter C-1 Classic

Not as expensive as the ESP, but it doesn't skimp out on features. I have not tried this, but you will not find a single person on this site who has not been happy with their C-1. String thru, Seymours, great guitar for the money. Although it is a bit heavy, It's not too heavy. Lighter than a Les Paul, heavier than an SG.
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Quote by schecterman1990
Schecter C-1 Classic. That fits most of your specs except the weight thing. probably to heavy.

Great idea!
Actually, most schecters are like this, so go try them out.
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I say a Jackson would suit you perfectly, because alot of them come equipped with duncans, and have fast necks but not overly thin necks, and for that price you could get a pretty nice Jackson, Id go for one that's H-S-H too.. Sorry I'm not an expert on models and such, but I know Jackson would be a good bet, seeing as alot of their guitars fit most/all of your requirements.
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