Well I'm studying for a physics test and I came across a problem, not a physics problem just a problem with numbers.

1^2= 1 but 0.1^2= 0.01 obviously
this is bothering me because 1cm x 1cm = 1cm but 0.01m x 0.01m = 0.0001m, even though 0.01m and 1 cm are equal.

I think I have to use SI units or it'll screw up my answer, but it seems like converting to SI screws it up even more.

I may have completely lost my mind since I have been studying for a while now, if anyone can help me please do even if the answer is ridiculously simple.
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you don't multiply units of distance together, that's why.

1cm x 1cm does not = 1cm, it equals 1cm squared, or a square of height 1cm and length 1 cm.
When multiplying distances to determine area you can't use decimal form for the reason you discovered above.
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1^2= 1 but 0.1^2= 0.01 obviously

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