where is the best place to find used guitars? im think of getting a used guitar but i don't know of a good place to pick one up, any suggestions?
Craigslist is better than ebay for guitars in my opinion because you can go and check the actual thing out. I guess for amps or something, you don't need to inspect the actual model, but still.

And yeah, guitar shops ofc, but they'll probably be more expensive.
Just got mine from craigslist. I was able to see it, play it, and haggle to get the price down further. I couldn't be happier.
I got my G-400 for $140 off of craigslist, all it needed was a new nut, bought a Tusq one and ive never been happier with it, My buddy uses Ebay, So far he's gotten a set of dimarzio super distortions for $20 and put them in his little LP-100. I saw a Marshall JCM800 head + 412 for $500, needed a new power tube, I almost **** myself, Ran to the bank phoned the guy, he sold it 20 minutes before i phoned.
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