Anyways.... Yes im planning to remake my frankenstrat, what im intending to do is the following:

-Install properly the floyd
-New guatambu Neck (more like the real frankie)
-REpaint following eddies sketch and RElaquer
-Sand headstock and burn with cigarettes
-New cut pickguard made out of vinil (as not to buy a new pickguard or cut the existent one (In the future I might wanna use it again))

Step one: Install properly the Floyd.

The guitar is made of pine (I think), it is very light weight, chips very easily. The floyd rose studs chipped all the area around them, and its impossible to use since I had to add many springs to counter take the force of the strings made since the studs are so loose.

Solution: Im going to cut a piece out of my neck blanc of guatambu, which is very strong, and im going to route the body and im gonna paste it there. Hopefully it will mantain the studs in place. This wood is very hard to chip when routing and drilling so Ill guess ill mantain the studs with no problem.

Here is the blank I already routed for the truss rod. It will be a one piece neck, so ill be covering the trussrod cavity with guatambu also but im gonna stain it brown so it will look more classy just like in fenders:

Im going to be cutting the neck with a normal saw, since I dont have a band saw.

Here's the paint and laquer: IM going to be laquering with paintbrush, laquer in can is so much thick. Later on the lines left behind by the brush while painting dissapear when buffed:

and here are 5 vinils I found on the street, someones trash...

Okay.... byebye

and cheers
Well some updates:
Today I spent all day making myself a template with a 3/4 inch piece of guatambu... I hand-saw it since I dont have a bandsaw... It was a a pain in the ass... Ill just pay to have my remaining blanks bandsawed.... I give up.. pics:

I also started with the replace some wood for studs:
here it is

Im going to add epoxy to fill the sides left in between the guitar and the old wood
looks cool dude, hope it works out man!

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nice! now its gona be a frankie!
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Thanks.... Haha yes minimal tools FTW! Anyways I would like to have a bandsaw.

It is an always ongoing project.
Now the rainbow frankenstrat I think that is some photoshop.

It played well until now. Im redoing the neck, so until I have the new neck finished I do not know How it will play.

Today I attempted at sawing my 25mm blank, but I gave up and went to the woodshop with my two left blanks. They are gonna cut em for me. One is a regular strat headstock and the other a banana one. I also filled the gaps between the new piece of wood. Tommorrow Ill re-route the FR cavity if I can fix my router. The Depth adjustment tool is broken and my router slips upwards while routing....

Cheers and thanks for the comments
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Quote by divinorum69

Now the rainbow frankenstrat I think that is some photoshop.

Yep...and not very well either. The pickholder and output jack gave it away.
LOL yah and the volume/tone knob. Meh I just did it for teh lolz, not teh zomg wow ultra shoop'z
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edgespear, driving great ideas again. Sir, you pwn.

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It's shaping up nicely, I'll keep an eye on this one.
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I don't know why, but I laughed when I saw the vinyls.

Necks look great. You'll just need a proper size drill for the head gear. Don't forget to use a straight-edge!
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Quote by americablanco
I don't know why, but I laughed when I saw the vinyls.

Necks look great. You'll just need a proper size drill for the head gear. Don't forget to use a straight-edge!

Wow, Ive never saw you around here, haha im shocked... thanks for stopping by

Now, ive routed the block again. I used rasps to help me too. It looks messy, and was hard. But the studs are now firmly secured and only enter the stud holes if they are hammered in, which is great. I think that with paint it will improve, and hopefully look better. But the thing is im positive now that will work! I spent almost 4 hours routing the block, it was a tough engeniereeng job.

Dude, working with vinyl is a bitch.

I tried to make myself a record pickguard, and I got pissed and quit. My dremel just melted it when I tried to cut it into a proper shape.

Ahh, I might give it another shot though, if you can figure out a way to do one with less hassle.
@ grungyhippie: thanks! I was just about posting updates
To Mitchell: It worked with scissors although I screwed up 3 discs to make this little peace it kept chipping and splitting. I did the screw holes with ma solder!

Today I did the pickguard, and I rounded up to shape the neck!

Just a little mockup. I think that instead of wasting a pickup selector im going to use a mini toggle switch for these ones. I dont know how it will work but it will:

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nice,looks great
i'm planning a orange/black/white frankentele...idk i think it'll look good
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If you are reading this check the page before and see the re route.


Yes I got a better way. Plain scissors, and sandpaper

I has a better way! ^_^
To prevent chipping and cracking, soak it in hot water for about 5-10 minutes
It softens it enough to cut without damage ^_^

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so far so good, i would like to see how it turns out
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