So on Saturday I went in to my local music store where I teach guitar lessons, and lo and behold, there is a gorgeous LTD EC 1000 sitting behind the counter. After teaching all my lessons with it, and playing it for about another hour, I raced to the bank to pull out the money for this sucker. It was used, so it only cost me $500, which is great for the condition it is in. I love the EMG's as the 81/60 combo is what I prefer, and already have in my Dean ML. This thing plays like a dream. Better than almost any guitar I have played, especially in the price range. Anyway, enough about me talking. Heres some pics. And if anybody wants sound clips let me know, and I'll record some!

Hanging on the wall at the shop.

Brought home! In front of ze Bugera

Hanging on my wall. Sorry the lighting sucks.

Picture showing the quilted maple top. I love the color red this thing is.

Quilted maple even on the headstock

Mother of Pearl binding all around the guitar, including the neck.

Me playing it at band practice yesterday. It was the best practice Ive had. The guitar plays so damn nice!

And finally, sitting in front of my other half stack at band practice. We have our own studio/practice space, and it sounds great in the room.
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Quote by Pac_man0123
I like how the last 3 pics are exactly the same...

Nice guitar but your behringer cab is a boner-killer

Haha, the same pic thing is fixed. No idea why it did that... And the Behringers aren't that bad at all. They have Jensen speakers, and are actually pretty damn good.
looks amazing, never seen that model before. It looks like someone took my schecter and made it into a LP body lol
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man i think black cherry is the worst color for those guitars IMO, then again im not a big fan of red, my favorite would have to be the green,white or vb ones. The older really bright orange sunburst ones looked really awesome but they discontinued them

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^I know what you mean about the orange one. There was a real ESP Eclipse at the same store that was gorgeous, but I couldnt get it set up how I liked it. But I love the Vintage Black and Vintage white Eclipse guitars, as well as the regular white, but Im not a huge fan of the green or blue ones. And black and red are my favorite colors hands down, so I love the way this one looks, haha.

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im in love..how much did you pay?

I actually only paid $200 for it, but I traded in my Ibanez S540 that I bought from the same shop for almost a full refund. I loved that Ibanez, but the LTD played just as good, and sounded better. All in all it was $500 though, which is a steal because they go for over $900 new I believe.
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That guitar is gorgeous man. Put it to good use.
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Beautiful guitar, Nice Cab too, :P
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