Hey, I was wondering if anyone had experience with purchasing equipment from this website (proguitarshop.com). I have been playing acoustic guitar for a number of years now but I've been looking for the 'right' first electric guitar for about 8 months now. I have been looking at the new Schecter Tempest Classic. They don't sell this guitar on any of the more mainstream guitar websites yet; or at any of my local guitar shops yet either. I'm sort of waiting for a nearby shop to have it in stock so I can try it before I buy it, but I was wondering if any of you had dealt with this company before. Also if anyone has played this guitar before, I would like to know your opinions or thoughts on it. Thanks a lot guys. I appreciate any information you can give me.
Schecter makes some great guitars, really comfortable and really nice sound, ive played the tempest but i wanted a fr so i got my C-1 Hellraiser instead, but the tempest is quite awesome.
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That's good to hear. So you don't have any complaints about your Schecter C-1? I've been to 4 guitar shops in my area and found that none of them carry any Schecters at all. So I haven't had the chance to play one; which I would like to do before I buy it. Today I played an Ibanez that had the coil-splitting feature similar to the Schecter I am interested in, and I loved the tones the Ibanez could put out. I just didn't find the Ibanez to be very comfortable to play. I wasn't too crazy about the looks of it either. Anyways, has anyone used this proguitarshop.com website to buy anything? Or does anyone else have experience with the Schecter Tempest Classic? Thanks guys.
I own the schecter in my sig and it feels awesome to me. I can't say whether you will like the feel or not if you haven't played it, but no one who has played my guitar dislikes the feel.

I also played a tempest the other day at guitar center and couldn't put it down. Awesome instrument.
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Yeah I haven't really read or heard anybody yet that dislikes them. That's a good sign. I was just looking at it on the website I was thinking of buying it from and it is now out of stock. Damn! I found it on one other site for like 50 bucks more. Gr.