I've got about $800 saved up, and need to break away from my Epiphone DR-200. It's not a bad Acoustic, but I'm looking for something better!

Now, I've heard a lot of things about buying a mid-high end Acoustic (Steel string) that I am not sure if they are true.

Firstly, the tone I am looking for. I want a really bright, and kind of "percussive" tone. You know that sound you get when you slide new strings on your guitar? I want that kind of sound, even after my strings have been worn in a bit. Off of the top of my head, a tone similar to what Boston uses on their first album. Peace of Mind, More than a Feeling, etc.

What I've been told to look for, is a Solid-Top Spruce guitar. I don't know much else from there. I don't even know any reputable brands in my range without breaking $800 (I can push it a litte, but defintely not over $1000).

If not a specific brand/model, can someone tell me what I should be looking for as far as an Acoustic goes? I'm pretty lost...

Thanks UG!
try the company taylor
theyre guitars are generally really bright sounding

with your price range i dont know exactly what you can get... like maby the 300 series?
koa is also a good wood for a bright-sounding guitar.
i know washburn makes a few koa guitars.
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The two people above me are not very helpful nor know really what they're talking about at all, and they can't spell. In my experience, Martins have more of a low-end bass sound, that's why I don't like them. Actually, I like the same tone as you do, bright and "percussive".

I like how Taylor guitars sound, but they are over-priced little bastards. The 300 series is, I think, the lowest you can go without sacrificing quality, but they retail for around 1600 USD, so that won't do at all.

See if you can find any Guilds. I just found about them recently (thanks captivate!) and am very excited about them. I'm looking to purchase a Guild GAD-30 myself. The majority of them are around 800 USD, I think, though I've heard that they actually sell for much less if you're not planning to buy online.
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Breedlove makes some of the best bright sounding, mid-cost guitars I've played. Check them out.
i dont know about solid tops but i remember once i played my cousins ovation acoustic.

the tone was like nothing i've heard! i most likely worn down the strings [lol] and yeah it does actually still give that sound when you slide across the strings. i'd buy one if i had the money.

edit: ovations do have spruce tops lol nvm me
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Takamine, Alvarez, and Seagull, as well as Washburn, Epiphone, and Breedlove, are some of your best options in this price range.

Also, be willing to go used. You will have many more options if you do this.

You've already made a good choice by deciding on a solid spruce top. If you really want a bright sound though, you might want to look into maple.
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