There was no humbucker template in the "Ultimate Template Thread" so I took one of the humbuckers that I bought for the guitar I'm making, took some measurements and made this. This is the spacing of a PRS, and I've also included the dimensions for a Stratocaster neck pocket (since Warmoth necks use that). It's too big after I scanned it, so you'll have to play around with printing it and checking the measurements on the print out to be accurate. Enjoy.

oooo. *saves to computer*
Dude, this is awesome, really. Maybe you should send it off to MetalWarrior so that he can add it to the list.
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you should send it off to MetalWarrior so that he can add it to the list.
Fixed and agreed
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Stupid name.
Probably picked "for teh lulz"

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Somebody knows how to draft.

I like it!

Haha I'm just a very technical person, the drawing was literally perfect before I outlined in pen, then it got kind of 'lumpy'.

I figured it was frustrating trying to find this stuff, so I'd put it on here so the next guy doesn't have to.

Oh, and the Humbucker templates include a 0.125" excess the full way around it, as recommended I do by some guy I met that has built several electrics. I'm going to go route mine today, so I'll let you know how they work, I'm expecting it to be fine.
CRAP! Ok on the humbuckers where I have "R0.25" and "R0.375" and the neck pocket where I have "R0.50"... those should be diameter not radius. Brain fart.