So I've been searching for a new guitar lately, looking into LTD and ESP, a little bit of gibson, to find that one les paul I would love to play, that not only sounds great but looks great. So I was thinking of getting this les paul, (if you want specs just ask) throw in all black hardware instead of the hardware (black speed knobs, black guard/pick up rings, pick up selector ring/the knob on the selector) and I may even throw in some EMG pick ups. (Not gonna do any hardcore work just gonna throw the emg pick up cavity in with the pots)

What do you guys think?
Agile AL's are great .I own a honeysunburst finish.
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How does it play? I've actually been thinking of keeping it the way it is since it's like gorgeous that way, I just thought the pick ups had a few problems (people have said so anyway)
Hey. All I can do is really offer my opinions on the LTD(s) in question. I own a ltd ax400, the flagship of the series and I cant stress enough how seamlessly it plays. Sounds really great through my practice amp (mg30dfx - so yes, its craptacular) and I haven't heard better first person than my 400 through a mates jcm900. The EMGs give it a great chunky metal tone, they can limit somewhat your cleans but it will definately give it a warmth I've yet to experience with another guitar that I've seen/played first hand.

Apart from sound and whatnot (cause thats all interchangeable depending on the amps you have) its playability is great, even with out the small bridge lowering that I have done to my guitar its neck is so fast and clean, easy to get around and the body doesn't give you that chunk feeling like some other ESPs.

Anyways, gl, hope ya find the right guitar.

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i tryed the gibsons and preferred the esp more i got an esp eclipse its got active 81 emgs in it tho its more what your into

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Well, the thing with ESP's and LTD's i have no way of trying it out, like at all.

Sad thing is, same goes for the agile, but with the agile I've heard it played.

Plus, I heard a lot of GOOD Esp/Ltd's are usually around the 1k price range, maybe more. But the luck of me finding a good esp/ltd near my house for that low of a price could prove difficult.
I dont know, Im compelled to sit and play a guitar before i buy it. i wouldnt be able to order online.

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I dont know, Im compelled to sit and play a guitar before i buy it. i wouldnt be able to order online.

Which is also my dilemma, I hate buying a guitar I've never touched before.