I paint a picture inside my head
a scene of massacre, I stare at all the dead
bodies lying lying on the ground
so follow me, and make sure to look around

you start to cry you want to leave just watch the innocent burn
you start to cry you want to leave just watch these people die

...And I pretty much went blank after that. I'm been writing for 1-2weeks and I've got some stuff to add on but it doesn't sound right...suggestions?
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if you were a deathcore band, you could recycle those lyrics for the entire song.

no one rhymes in songs anymore.
its like being goth.
some background about the situation the speaker is in would be good. where to go next really depends on what part of the song you intended to use this for.
They say that in the army, the food is mighty fine.
The chicken jumped off the table and killed a friend of mine.

Oh lord, I want to go home.
But they won't let me go-o
Ho-oho-ohohahohohome. Hey!