I need to take it to a shop put some new strings and get it all nice a fixed up (some little things), but then it'll be ready to sell. I'm looking to get $200-$250. I live in South Carolina. I got pics, but it just looks like any other one so I don't see the point in posting them. :P (lazy )

I will consider trades for a nice Dist. Pedal + cash, like a Fulltone Gt 500 or Fulltone Fulldrive 2 MOSFET, possibly a Jekyll and Hyde. PM me if you're interested.


I would also like to note that for the pure reason of safety, if you do chose to buy this, I will put it on eBay as "buy it now" and I will give you the link so you can. I will do this for insured that I won't be ripped off and neither will you and that we have an obligation to live up to our word, and for the simplicity of paypal.
I forgot to mention that it comes with an Ibanez hardcase and does have the tremolo bar. Original pups.
Oh I don't know. You'll have to ask someone here who's been doing this or search it up. :P
no matter what you should always post pics of your gear.

it'll at least show people you actually own it haha
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if you would post this to the uk i would certainly be very interested!!!

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