Hey all,

I am developing some software to help me in my musical world. Just looking for some input. I have attached a screenshot of the program thus far. If I get some good responses & input here I will put the application up for free download.

Here's what's working so far:

I recorded all tones on all 6 strings using my Martin D-28 (all 6 strings to the 12'th fret). I broke up and isolated each note.

All notes can be replaced easily with your own guitars sound.

Hitting "relative" plays every note from A-G# on the 5'th string as to give you a "relative" pitch on which to make your guess.

Hitting "Play" plays a random note from the selected checkboxes on the top of the application.

Hitting a right anwer signals "correct" and plays the next note.

Hitting a wrong anser signals "incorrect" and repeats the desired note.

You can choose any number of notes to randomize on.

I'm looking for all and any suggestions for this application. Like I said, I will soon give this out free to all who are interested.

Some of my extended Ideas are:

Fretboard memorizer tool:

Include a guitar fretboard up to the 12'th, place a dot on the fretboard and let user guess what note it is. (obviously having easy-hard levels)..

Include a standard notation "game" where a note is played and seen in standard notation and let the user pick the note on the fretboard.
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A program like this is better suited for portable devices so you can learn and/or test yourself on the go, because if i'm home i'd rather play my guitar and train my ear with it than with a pc and a mouse.
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Pretty cool. What'd you write it in?
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that looks pretty cool, I like it. I really need to work on my ear, but it's hard whenever you're actually playing the guitar yourself and you already know the notes of the fretboard.

and the notation 'game' would help me too.