After a year and a half of pushing pennies together and struggling to get a stable tone out of my hot rod deluxe, the time has finally come. I am getting a new amp. I was set from day one on a blackface original Super reverb, and still as of now that is the desired choice. So one of my buddies told me about this little shop on the edge of town that specialized in vintage gear. I took a trip down there and checked it out. They had a 70 silverface super reverb, and that was it as far as fender amps. Slightly dissapointed, i grabbed a strat off the wall and plugged in. After a few minutes of tinkering i got a pretty good tone going, but yet there was still something missing. I was farmiliar with playing through blackface supers, and i remembered a distinct feature on them that this silverface lacked. On the blackface you could set it as bright as you want to without it sounding bitey or harsh. To my ear, the silverface lacked this.

So anyway the silverface sounded good despite that one flaw. But heres my question. Should I purchase this super ($870) and do a blackface mod to it, or wait it out and continue my search for a blackface? Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.
Get a blackface. It is worth it, because:

1. Blackfaces sound better
2. They hold their value.
3. They are what you truly want. Don't settle for second best.

( PS: I know this, because I went through the same dilemma when I was looking for a blackface bassman.
^ +1.

When you're dealing with that sort of money, there's no logic in settling for something sub-par. I would recommend the blackface for sure.


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yea i was leaning towards the blackface, just thought id get more opinions. Another question while on the topic, how do you know if a '68 has the blackface circuitry, or is the whole '68 line?