Hey guys, I just signed up on here and I really like it.

Im about to upgrade from my Line 6 now to get a Bugera 333XL and I would like a 2x12 cab instead of the 412 that Bugera makes. I want to build my own instead of buying so its a slight bit cheaper and more rewarding in the end. I was hoping for someone that could hit me up with some tips for building a cab, including which speakers I should use, how to do the wiring, and how to make a strong sturdy cab overall. I would like to draw the line at about $250 but would be willing to pay a slight bit more for the materials if you say that it is absolutely a must to have a certain part or other stuff.

Thanks in advance and God Bless!
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You need to give more details, what sort of music will you play,what sort of sound you are aiming at, what instrument do you play, where you live, I'm assuming the States but other countries have $'s

Good call though, you'll enjoy building and will learn a lot.
I'll gladly throw some pointers at you as you go along. It's a pretty basic process, I'm currently amidst it right now. As long as you take your time and measure three times before you cut you'll be fine.

thanks for the responses! I play guitar and Im into rock, cant really describe what sound Id like but if you listen to Disciple and Pillar, thats the kind of sound id like out of this build. It is US dollars Phil, thank you for asking, I sometimes think that the internet is just the US! (oops!)

To the others, thank you and I'll be posting pics up when I decide to start this build.
I'd reccommend www.warehouseguitarspeakers.com for some speakers, they're priced well and sound decent as well. I like the Green Baret Personally, you could probably pull a Pillar sound outta that.

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ok thanks deftonesordie! And you think that would go with a Bugera 333XL pretty well? Also, Im confused on the wattage and ohms stuff, what would you recommend for that head and how would you wire it?
The amp puts out 120w so 2x60w? and Ive learned a bit about the ohms and Ill probably do 16 ohm speakers in series wiring.
Actually, two 16ohm speakers in series will give you 32ohms. You'll get next to no volume, and it may even cause problems with your amp head. I'd go for either 4 or 8 ohms total, so either two 8ohm speakers in parallel for 4 ohms total, or two 16 ohm speakers in parallel for 8 ohms total. Either of those setups will be compatible with just about any head, especially the two 16ohms in parallel. As far as the wattage, just try to find two speakers that'll handle around 50-60 watts each or more.
Have a look at my guide to matching amps and speakers in the gear maintenance section of the colunms to work out the ohms. In the forums there is lots of stuff in the gear building section and have a look at fatgoogle's thread onbuilding a cab in the bass section. I know you don't want a bass cab but it will take you through the process quite well

good reading