I wrote this song (on my profile as "Valentine") for my girlfriend for Valentine's Day. I was wondering if I could get some feedback quickly before then for things to change or improve.
I've been playing guitar for a little over a year, so I couldn't write a crazy solo or anything..

Anyway, C4C, please help me improve my gift
I got to give you props for the guitars though.
And never ever say you can't write crazy solo's cause you don't have to.

Only thing that bugged me was that you do seem to have good voice, But you need to sing it louder.
I don't know how you recorded it, But i'd say to it again but really warm your voice, Sing like you've never sang before and actually try to open your throat more.

But other then that it's a pretty good song, Add some soft simple drums and its a commercial succes aswell.

Now checkout my songs o

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ill crit as i write

alright, fairly standard chords. which is good for a love song seriously, girls tend to like the simple catchy things more than the technically impressive.

i would put either a reverb or delay on the solo section, and try and hold the notes for longer instead of picking them all the time. bends and slides wherever possible. you have a really good singing voice, some more harmony parts would be good. earlier on there were some not quite "on" notes you were singing and the occasional misstep on the lead guitars. very minor problems. the lyrics are solid, not too schmaltzy. i agree though, do a solo version of it to her first, then she will always think of you playing it for her, and looking her in the eyes, whenever she plays the recording.

feel like critting my new instrumental? (also was recorded partially as a valentines gift!)
thnks dude