They are all fairly small problems, I still get a nice sound out of the amp, but I would rather have these fixed as they can get annoying. I have a Laney VC50 bought 2nd hand. Since I bought it, I put new power-amp tubes in myself and the pre-amp tubes were changed before I bought it (the "spares" it came with were the stock ones, JJ's were in it instead). It is a fairly old amp so I think some things could just be with old age. It still sounds great, but these are some of the problems.

1) The channel switching can be a bit dodgy sometimes. Like I was playing on the clean channel and it went back to the gain channel for about 3 seconds. This is the most minor of the problems but it might be harder to fix. I rarely have problems with this.

2) The clean channel is very quiet (2 of the 6 pre-amp tubes are stock ones, I think they are in the slots for the pre-amp for the clean channel, I might change them anyway).

3) There is a lot noise from the amp, even with my ISP Decimator and the volume on the guitar turned all the way down. The feedback is really bad and sometimes I can't get it to stop ringing out. I've heard this amp can get pretty noisy, but this is a lot worse than I expected and I don't think I'll ever be able to gig with this amp if I keep having this problem.

4) I just purchased a TS-808 which works fine with my solid state amp, pushing the clean channel into a nice over-drive and making my distortion channel even more distorted. Though the Laney, it seems to make the amp quieter and not as full sounding. It tightens up the sound and makes it sound a bit darker. I had all the knobs around 9 o'clock and was expecting higher gain and a brighter sound. I'm thinking this is more an amp problem than the pedals as it sounded good though my other amp, but it isn't good when a very expensive pedal makes your amp sound worse than better.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix some or all of these problems?
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switch the preamp tubes around some and see which one is ****ing up...then exchange thhat one....as for the channel changing i m sure its jsut a crappy circuit of the laney...take it to a tech if its annoying you so much!
yep - sounds like a microphonic preamp tube probably V1 or V2. take the eraser end of a pencil and nudge/tap each tube with the amp cranked up pretty good. If you can hear the tapping thru the speaker it is likely microphonic. Replace.