Alright been a while since i posted anything here. i did have a rep for returning Crits though, will keep that up. about to go out and do a bunch of C4C's as well.

anyways, here is the song. it is a bunch of similar riffs and melodies that i put together and tied up with some bits of improv. i recorded it in a clean version and a distorted version(dont worry they are both very short) on the same video. there are some different riffs and solos in each. it would be sweet if i could get comments on either or both, but whatever comes up.

here is the link
I liked it, Alot.
The riffs where very nice, Clean and distorted.
Althought i had the feeling i heard it before at the beginning.
Maybe sometimes a bit too distorted but then again that sounds great with the pinch harmonics.

I don't have alot too crit on it though Besides that i like it.
C4c mine ? it's on my page the first song, Thanks

P.S. You look like Steve Albini are you 2 related ?

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heheh no, no relation there as far as i know *goes off to look him up*

alright critting yours now

and yeah, same sort of picking pattern as in coldplays "clocks"
toobad really, i hate that song, but thats the best way to play those chords
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I like the main riff, it's very relaxed and soothing. If you got that into a more traditional song (not that the improv. wasn't good, it was very solid) I think it would be more interesting. Did like your solo from about 4:30 to 5:15, liked it a lot. Only thing I could say is more structure, but that's just me. Otherwise, kudos man.

If you could crit mine that would be awesome, thanks!
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Hey man. Thanks for commenting my song. It´s much appreciated! and I listened to your song, you sure got some good ideas in there. By some reason it reminded me a bit of "Billy talent". lol. Hope you take that as a good thing. Any way... keep working on those riffs and add bassguyitar and drums you´ll have an awesome song.

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