i used to own one actually before i got the gear i have now....what can i say its very helpful if you re starting off.....but of course anyone will say save up and buy somehting better.

its kinda noisy but it has in built noise gate, which is also kind of a tone sucker...and the effects are like borderline ok i guess...i dunno pal i d keep that money (100$ or so?) and buy a roland cube series...or a peavey vypyr or somethijng! its just a step better than behringer!
It is a cool practice tool but far from perfect. If you are practicing in your room with a small amp, it is an inexpensive solution to getting a sound to play with. I got one as a gift several years ago and it still works fine. I've even used it plugged directly into a PA at a friend's house (party jam) and it was okay. I've never used it for a gig. It tends to get noisy but so does a Line 6 Pod.

At about $100 US, it's a cool product. Some of the presets are a little "out there" but there is definitely fun to be had with one. If you're looking for something to rock your world beyond belief, you'll need to spend a lot more cash. If you're looking for a decent amp modeler at a great price, the VAmp 2 is the way to go.
I've used the V-Amp pro before. A guy I went to school with had it in his backup rack rig and it was actually pretty decent for the price. If I remember correctly he was running that, a Peavey Classic 50/50 power amp, Furman power conditioner, Lexicon MX200, and a tuner. Of course his main rig was MUCH nicer but I thought the one with the Behringer actually sounded pretty good.
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