Blew the entire night recording this after I jammed it out yesterday on a quick play through, so I figured, what the hell. Lemme throw a bass track and some solos in there, see what I can do.

Well, here's the product of 4 hours of CuBase work and 6 beers.

Guns N' Roses - Civil War Acoustic Cover

Check it out! Lemme know what you think? GNFNR!

C4C, you guys are great as always.

Rock on!
really really good cover dude. that song sounds so beautiful on acoustic great job. Cool voice too, definitely diggin it.

If you get a chance, would you crit a song on my profile? It's called "Alright", and it's the first one on the list. Thanks man.
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Thanks for the props guys. vismbr, nice work on yours, really. killer.

psychokiller99 I'll listen to yours next.