Hi guys. Currently i am using my camera to do all the recordings with my band.It sucked real bad.I know of the zoom H2 recorder. But is there other way to record as a whole band. Some of them say that Audacity can record . But i dun seem to hear any sound from it. Sorry guys i am not a really IT pro or what.

Thanks alot guys. I appreciate it
I think Audacity can record music. Also, to get the best quality on a computer, I think the best way is to use a line-in of some sort that records the music directly onto the computer and whatever program you use (Audacity????) instead of the sound from an amp, then the microphone, then the computer.
Lots of people use audacity, and it sounds fine for demos and things like that. I would suggest getting a Toneport from Line 6, it's a fairly robust recording interface, and it handles all the preamp nonsense that you won't need to then worry about.
i mean record it as an whole band .
When we are playing together, the recorder is recording it
like, all at the same time? studio bands (i think) tend to record one track at a time, then put them all together.
You'll need an computer, an recording program (Sonar is expensive but worth it and awesome) also will you need an interface with enough inputs for you to record all the instruments. You will probably need several drum mics too. This is for recording all at once as if doing a live show or such.

Or you could go the easier way like doing in studio and do the same thing except recording one track at a time.
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Good exteriour "sound card". Instrument mics in front of the amps. Mic goes intro mic pre-amp, (unless yoru soundcard has one in it), plug it in sound card. Sound card goes intro computer. Set all yrou software so it will record. Then one track at a time.

If you just wnat something as a reference for band rehearsal:

Place recorder in different room. then experiment with all your amp settings so that you get a clear recording. (Note: if you put recording in teh same room you get massive distortion)