I've decided that I'm probably going to buy a Fender Blues Jr. this weekend, and I need some of your knowledge on the amp and how it works with pedals. Because I want some effects to play around with (and the amp is pretty stripped down in terms of gain and effects other than reverb) I want to know how it handles (or would handle similar pedals along these lines) such as:
Big Muff Pi
DigiTech Whammy
Ibanez Weeping Demon
Ibanez Tube Screamer
Boss DS-1
I plan on playing some bluesy rock (like the Black Keys), Jimmi Hendrix type stuff, ska, folk, and some rock and hard rock. Because the amp doesn't have much gain, will it handle pedals with gain well? What other pedals would you recommend checking out in addition to these? (I would spend more than $50 but less than $200 per pedal)
Fender 1989 MIJ Strat (It's from the 80's, so it's gotta be legit!)
Breedlove AC25 SM
I'd scratch the DS-1 off of the list.
Alvarez dreadnought
Gibson SG
Homemade Strat (seymour duncan classic stack p/ups)
Vox Tonelab (original desktop model) with full board footswitch
Vox AD50
Avatar V30 4x12 cab
I've got a Blues Jr and use a Big Muff, a Boss Overdrive, and a DD-3. They all sound damn good, especially the overdrive. This thing sounds sick when pushed hard. I play lots of Black Keys stuff on it and it sounds tight.
It'll take most, if not all pedals really well. Sweet amp.

And gwitersnamps, whats wrong with the DS-1? The BJ will take that pedal just as good as any other. Or is that some sort of Off Topic opinion about the pedal in general?